Saturday, 19 December 2009

One Tuesday afternoon in May a man found himself in a bland room painting the walls
mustard grey with a roller. Being a recent PhD graduate of a prestigious Cambridge 
University college, he wondered why he found himself there carrying out the mundane task.

The room was a little like a classroom with large single glazed windows occupying one side
and the door on the opposite. The door was one of the light cheap laminate types with a
small square window of re-enforced glass. The green grid embedded in it cast a pattern
on the wall of the corridor outside, as light shone in from the large windows.

The room gave the impression of having been created in a rush and that the ceiling was
in no way substantial enough to hold a floor above. The man felt uneasy so he leaned the 
paint sodden end of the roller against the window causing paint to run down the glass
like an illustrated rain cloud, and left the building. 

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